Welcome to Petite Soeur. We Will continue shipping our bonbons while the temperatures rise. We will keep you posted as our shipping procedures change!

Flavor Guide

Hazelnut bonbon: a whole roasted hazelnut in a hazelnut ganache in a milk chocolate shell.


Passion fruit bonbon: Passion fruit pate d’fruit and creamy passion fruit ganache in a white chocolate shell


Maple black walnut crunch bonbon: crispy walnuts and walnut ganache bound with a maple jam in a milk chocolate shell


Salted chocolate bonbon: a combination of milk and dark chocolate ganache finished with flaky sea salt in milk chocolate.


Creamy caramel bonbon: soft butter caramel in a dark chocolate shell


Coffee and cream bonbon:Small Planes coffee and vanilla cream ganache in a dark chocolate shell


S’mores bonbon: vanilla marshmallow, salted chocolate ganache, and house made graham cracker sablé in a dark chocolate

Almond Butter and Jelly: house made strawberry jam with almond butter ganache in milk chocolate.