Welcome to Petite Soeur. There is now a Friday and Saturday morning pickup option from Nino’s Bakery just select that option at checkout and wait for your confirmation. As temperatures rise if your shipping chocolate please select next day option if your not close by!

Flavor Guide

Hazelnut bonbon: a whole roasted hazelnut in a hazelnut ganache in a milk chocolate shell.


Passion fruit bonbon: Passion fruit pate d’fruit and creamy passion fruit ganache in a white chocolate shell


Maple black walnut crunch bonbon: crispy walnuts and walnut ganache bound with a maple jam in a milk chocolate shell


Salted chocolate bonbon: a combination of milk and dark chocolate ganache finished with flaky sea salt in milk chocolate.


Creamy caramel bonbon: soft butter caramel in a dark chocolate shell


Coffee and cream bonbon:Small Planes coffee and vanilla cream ganache in a dark chocolate shell


S’mores bonbon: vanilla marshmallow, salted chocolate ganache, and house made graham cracker sablé in a dark chocolate

Almond Butter and Jelly: house made strawberry jam with almond butter ganache in milk chocolate.